Build on Your Strengths

Self-knowledge and authenticity are the keys to success at work. Whether you want to improve within your current role, be promoted to a new role or find a completely different one, you’ll be more successful if you know and are true to your authentic self.

Personalized assessments and one-to-one coaching are both valuable tools on this journey of discovery. When you understand your natural talents, what motivates you and how other people see you, you make better personal and professional decisions.

Assessments give you information about yourself. Coaching is the key to truly understanding what the assessments tell you. Many people take an assessment and say, “yes, that sounds just like me.” They recognize themselves in the report, but they don’t know what to do next. How should they respond to the assessment’s conclusions? This is the most important part and is best done with a coach to guide you.

Our team has a strong history of coaching a wide variety of people in animal health and other industries: new entrepreneurs, frontline employees, middle management, and senior corporate executives. Our coaches are certified in several different assessment and improvement frameworks, including CliftonStrengths and Innermetrix’s ADVanced Insights Profile. We are experts in building self-awareness and in talent development.

We start with a complimentary discussion about your specific goals. Based on these goals we determine which assessments will benefit you the most, provide the assessments and develop your personalized coaching plan.

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